Sargy Mann: Probably the Best Blind Painter in Peckham. Special edition

Sargy Mann; Probably the Best Blind Painter in Peckham (special edition)

By Sargy and Peter Mann

Published in 2008 in a total edition of 1000 copies the standard edition of this book is now out of print. The book is Sargy Mann’s take on his life as a painter. The book is structured around   27 paintings chosen by Sargy, each one representative of a particular moment in the evolution of his work.

“Few art books allow the artist to speak and to tell stories behind each piece of art presented. Peter Mann gives his father a stage for doing just that. Sargy Mann’s art stands on its own, and when he describes the back story for each piece presented that art becomes even more remarkable.”

“Wonderful. Insightful writing about the experience of painting and how everything fits in around it.” (both quotes from Amazon reviews)

224 pages, 27.5 x 23 cm. Casebound

The special edition was 100 copies which each include a signed and numbered lithograph ‘Frances in the Corner Chair’ (edition of 100 made specially for this publication)


£250 (including postage to UK)

£265 (Including postage to EU)

£275 (including postage to the rest of the world)