Art and Perception – An International Journal of Art and Perception Science.

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Volume 4, 2016 Contains Sargy Mann’s essay Perceptual systems an inexhaustible reservoir of information and the importance of art and also Robert Pepperell’s essay Always learning to see: The art and thought of Sargy mann

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Art and Perception

The main objective of Art & Perception is to provide a high-quality platform to publish new artworks and researches in the multi-disciplinary emerging area of the science of perception.Art & Perception aims to be a worldwide academic journal focused on the multidisciplinary emerging bridge between arts and perception and aimed at studying scientific interactions between the science of perception and art. More specifically, Art & Perception is the top venue for high quality research and artworks exploring the links between the science of perception and arts and gathering together artists, researchers, scholars and students in a unified community that can cooperate, discuss and develop new scientific perspectives in this complex and intriguing new field. Art & Perception welcomes all kinds of works and approaches – from phenomenological to biological-computational – and includes studies that might suggest new ideas and new findings useful for the experimental foundation of a Science of Art.