In the last months of his life Sargy was working on a TED talk, which he was scheduled to give in London in May 2015. In early 2015 he had two or three drafts, each with a very different emphasis and he was still coming up with new ideas. Thinking it might help him edit his material down to the allotted eighteen minutes his son Peter, filmed him trying out what he had written and also kept the camera rolling as he talked about the ideas and what he was hoping to achieve.

Sargy died in April 2015. The talk was never finished but he had continued working on it or ideas that had come out of the process until the very end.

While it is not edited strictly to any of the written versions Sargy was working on, this film gives a sense of the talk he would have given.

In January 2016 Sargy Mann: Perceptual systems, an inexhaustible reservoir of information and the importance of art was published by SP Books, it attempted to bring together an extended version of the ideas Sargy was developing in written form. The complete essay can be found here.