Three bathers, 2012

Short statement on painting 1999

Euan Uglow / Sargy Mann, Lincoln 2015

The Family at Lyndhurst Grove, 1990

Sargy Mann with studio set up for Cafe Above the Sea, 2007

In the Pink Chair Yellow Background, 2006

Oak on One Tree Hill, 1978

Sargy Mann in Devon 1985

Sargy Mann Archive

Throughout his life Sargy Mann (1937- 2015) had a fascination with the nature of visual perception and a desire  to make paintings that could communicate his  experience of the world.

This website has been established by the estate of Sargy Mann with the intention of creating an archive of his paintings and drawings and also of his writing and research on painting (notably the work of Pierre Bonnard) and visual perception.

In an essay, Shared Experience (1996) he wrote this description of the kind of painting he was interested in, “It can give the viewer what he would not see were he in the place of the artist. It can give him something essentially and qualitatively different from that, something he could never experience except through the medium of that particular painting. It can give him what the artist saw or imagined. This, I believe was what John Betjeman was getting at when he once said to me, “art is shared experience.” ”

The essay ‘Shared Experience’ can be read in full here.


We are happy to facilitate research into Sargy Mann’s work or the use of his own research into projects where it could be valuable.

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